One of the biggest areas of growth in the UK holiday sector over the past 5 years is the inclusion of hot tubs. Not limited to the self-catering cottage and holiday lodge markets, hot tubs have also found themselves a common feature in boutique hotels and apartments.

With prices for hot tub holidays commanding a premium rate, it begs the question; why are hot tub holidays becoming popular in the UK? Our team take a look at the five main factors behind this rise of the hot tub holiday.

New Experiences

According to a survey from 2011 the average British person will go on holiday 121 times in their lifetime. That’s a lot of vacations, making it understandable that us Brits might be getting bored of the same old routine.

Introducing a hot tub into a holiday property adds another incentive for the potential guest to make a booking, and in most cases offers them a luxury they don’t have at home. After all, the holidays are all about new experiences.

Social Trends

Fuelled by the ongoing rise of the reality TV world, hot tubs are often a feature in those living a seemingly enviable lifestyle. As with most products that gain exposure on popular television, it doesn’t take long before the average Joe tries to get in on the action and with the cost of owning a hot tub being out of league for many of us, that doesn’t stop us itching to get in on the action even if it’s just for a short getaway.


The pulsating jets of water across the body offers an invigorating massage experience unlike any other. Holidays are often an excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, replacing it with a spot of relaxation therapy. A hot tub gives you the ultimate tool to unwind, with or without a glass of champagne in hand.

Try Before You Buy

When it comes to making a decision on a high-value purchase, it makes perfect sense to ‘try before you buy’ to minimise the risks involved. Even a short break will give you plenty of chance to experience the benefits that a hot tub offers and should help you answer the question of whether or not buying a hot tub is right for you. Of course, you could hire a hot tub at home, but that involves a hefty water bill, and the privacy issue of your neighbours prying eyes as you try and seek comfort and relaxation in your garden. Not for everyone.

Bragging Material

We all know a person that goes on and on about how much fun their holiday was and how ‘you won’t believe how great our lodge was’. This kind of people need to arm themselves with as much ammunition as possible, making booking a hot tub holiday the perfect choice!

What do you think are the reasons behind hot tubs becoming increasingly popular with holiday guests? Leave a comment below with your ideas.

Title photo credit: soaking in the view via photopin (license)

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